Performance Exhausts components free additional power from your engine and drastically improves your cars soundtrack, while also offering a significant weight saving.

Exhaust Manifolds

Japspeed Exhaust Manifolds improve vehicle performance by increasing the flow of gasses exiting the cylinders and reducing back pressure. Increasing the efficiency of your engine is a great way to gain power.

Exhaust Decats

Factory catalytic converters are designed to reduce emissions, by doing so, they become a limiting factor preventing your engine from breathing freely. Japspeed Exhaust Decats reduce back pressure freeing up more of your cars potential.

Exhaust Downpipes

Made from the highest quality T304 stainless steal Japspeed downpipes are manufactured to extract more power from your car by increasing the flow of gas in your exhaust system.

Turbo Elbows

Japspeed turbo elbows are made from high quality stainless steel. You'll see reduced spool times and increased power.

Performance Exhaust Systems

Our Japspeed performance exhausts reduce weight and improve airflow, allowing maximum performance from your engine.