Matt Carter has been busy working on his R32 Skyline since round 2 of the BDC. When off the circuit he swaps doorhunting for power hunting in the quest to pack more and more punch from his 1.5JZ engine. With a few subtle changes and a helpful addition from a new sponsor, he was able to increase the power of his car from 650BHP up to just over 900BHP; and here’s how he did it.

The first step was to install a 3.5 inch turbo back exhaust system in place of his previous 3 inch system. This was expertly crafted by Walton Motorsport to give the optimum airflow for the turbo.

This increase in diameter generated a reduction in back pressure on the turbo housing; allowing for greater gasflow through the turbo at higher engine revs. This ensures the turbo can spin faster and generate more boost sooner in the rev range to prevent choking the power at the top end.

Next on the shopping list was a set of larger injectors. Out went the 850cc injectors and in came the 1050 injectors provided by our friends at Asnu. These upgraded injectors are able to provide enough fuel to keep up with the demand from the increased amount of airflow and keep the juice supplied to the engine without restriction.

Finally, and possibly the most effective addition comes from Sunoco with their 260 GT Plus racing fuel. This racing fuel has a much higher octane rating than the Shell V-Power usually used in the car. Therefore, the engine can have a much more aggressive map, increasing spark advance further to achieve the optimum levels of power that the engine is capable of. Sunoco’s specialist racing fuel also decreases the chance of detonation; to provide stability and safety as the cylinder temperatures and boost levels increase.

With all of these upgrades installed it was time to hit the dyno. Strapped in and ready for mapping by 038 Engineering, the mapping process could begin. After a few engine management tweaks had been made the car delivered its final power result at the end of the day, achieving 903.7BHP at the engine, an amazing improvement and great achievement.

We look forward to seeing all 900 horses smoking up the new Maxxis VR1s during British Drift Championship Round 3 at the Birmingham NEC this weekend! Make sure you get down to see it in action.