North-South Divide

The brainchild of BBC Radio 2 presenter Chris Evans, CarFest North and South are some of the biggest and perhaps the most family-friendly car shows around. Bringing together a little of everything automotive, a full blown music festival vibe as well as an eclectic mix of family-orientated activities including funfairs, trade stalls, fun runs and more; CarFest North and South events really do offer something for everyone.

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Team Japspeed were delighted to be invited back once again for 2018. Through a series of drift demos throughout the weekend long events Paul ‘Smokey’ Smith, Matt ‘Doorhunter’ Carter and Matt ‘Mr Nice Guy’ Denham would bring the smokeshow to 40,000+ strong crowds – many of which may have never seen drifting before!

In addition to the antics out on track the team have always encouraged members of the public to get an up-close look at the cars and meet the drivers in the pit areas between show times. While the same was true at both CarFest North and South this year the team also had an extra exhibit up their sleeves in the form of the brand new Japspeed Nissan GTR; which took pride of place alongside the competition drift machines in the Team Japspeed camp at CarFest North.

CarFest North and South have consistently grown in popularity every year since their launch – partly owing to its charitable nature whereby a percentage of all proceeds are donated to BBC Children In Need, partly owing to its wide appeal. Unfortunately the latter can often mean the events are overlooked by many diehard petrolheads; which is a shame as the array of automobilia on display includes legends such as Colin Mcrae’s Subaru WRC Impreza, vintage F1 cars as well as an assortment of supercars including Ferrari’s La Ferrari.

Unlike many of the other live action performances the time-slot for Team Japspeed provided ample opportunity for Matt, Paul and Matt to run the course in both directions. As a result spectators were treated to the sights and sounds of the Japspeed 1.5JZ-powered GT86 alongside the 2JZ-powered Nissan R32 Skyline and Lexus IS200 as they careered around the course in a triple-tandem display of screaming engines and Maxxis Tyre smoke.

Each live performance packed as much 4-wheeled action from all walks of the motorsport world from F1 to Ultra4 and more with Team Japspeed bringing each show to a close in a series of drifts, donuts and burnouts.

Both CarFest North and South 2018 were incredible; Team Japspeed would like to thank Chris Evans and his team for inviting us back to perform this year. We look forward to the opportunity to do it all again in 2019!