Nissan 200SX S14 High Mount Intercoolers Now In Stock!

We are pleased to announce a new addition to the Japspeed product range: the Nissan 200SX S14 High Mount Intercooler Kit. Our regular S14 Front Mount Intercooler Kit has been one of our most popular items for many years but we felt the time was right to offer an alternative to suit those looking for a more specialist solution to suit their S14, whether it be an immaculate show car or a used and abused drifter.

Flipping an intercooler core and shortening the pipework to suit has long been a popular modification for those looking to improve throttle response and reduce turbo lag. It is also a highly desirable modification to make by those that frequently drift their S14 as hard as possible.

With close-quarters twinning being the name of the drift game the last thing you want to do is damage your intercooler core in a front-end impact; moving the core higher and further back greatly reduces the risk of damage to the intercooler, allowing you to push harder and with more confidence in those fearsome twin battles. Take a look under the bonnet of any SR20 powered D1SL, D1GP or other competition S-body and you will more than likely see an inverted intercooler core and shortened pipework for this very reason.

On especially low cars the underside of a front mount intercooler is also prone to damage from potholes and speed bumps, often causing permanent damage that results in boost leaks and other performance related issues. Moving the core further away from the ground will help to eliminate this issue!

We are proud to say that we are able to offer the first off-the-shelf High Mount Intercooler Kit for Nissan S14s in the UK, with only minor modifications required to the underside of the slam panel and front-end required in order to offer sufficient clearance for the pipework. The kit is also compatible with both the standard viscous cooling fan (with the accompanying shroud) or aftermarket electric fan setups as the pipework has been designed to provide enough clearance for various cooling options.

The kit utilises one of our regular high performance intercooler cores, albeit inverted and with the mounting locaters moved accordingly. The included silicone joiners and clamps are our usual super strong and highly reliable items that we supply with all of our other intercooler kits.

Theoretically the kit is compatible with any Nissan S-body powered by a “Bent Cam” SR20 (NOT Red Top or Black Top “Straight Cam” engines) but further modifications may be required for some models. For example, in order to use the kit with an SR20 equipped 200SX S13 with pop-up headlights the headlight motors will need to be removed.

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