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Shane Lynch

Name: Shane Lynch
Age: 39
Hometown: Dublin, Ireland
Vehicle: Japspeed Nissan 370Z
Competes: British Drift Championship
Competing Since: 2002

Tell us a little about your car:
The 370Z was selected due to being a car available in the showroom at your local Nissan dealer and because it is a proven chassis within drifting. However, our Nissan was built from the ground up around me, to be a unique drift car suited perfectly to my driving style. The first requirement was that the 370Z have power on tap anywhere any time. This was achieved by custom mounting a Ford F150 KnneBelle supercharger to the same Nissan VH45 V8 from my old Nissan S15 drift car. This gave 650ftlb of torque from 1500rpm flat all the way to 6000rpm. Another area of major importance was reliability. The whole build was done with painstaking attention to detail to ensure that the car would have the up most reliability once finished. This was undertaken by taking the chassis for acid dipping to get it back to when it was first pressed and welded in the Nissan factory. Then the roll cage was tied into the chassis and the car was seam welded for strength and seam sealed for water protection. From this solid base the rest of the car was slowly designed and assembled. For further strives in reliability, the wiring loom and control units were supplied and installed by HCI systems, installing a power box to control the electronics removing failure points such as relays and fuses. The loom was manufactured from military grade Ray-chem wire to prevent heat issues damaging the loom. In order to give the car top level handling, adjust-ability and steering lock, the TDP 370Z steering kit was designed and fitted onto this car to give me the control required for the speed and torque this car drifts at. The finishing touches on this car are an area that sets it apart, from the camo Samco hoses to the billet CNC milled LYNCH hydraulic handbrake, the personal touches are what gives this car it's character. Not ignoring the Jurassic whine from the supercharger that defines the car within the paddock.

Why did you get in to drifting?
One thing about drifting is that I never thought a car was capable of doing what a drift car does. Drifting brought back the fun in motorsport and enhanced my driving skills immensely, coming from a motorsport back ground mostly driving rear wheel drive cars from the British GT Championships for a number of years. Motorsport is on the edge and drifting is past the edge!

What is your greatest achievement in the sport?
It had to be Knockhill July 2007 because I did not expect to qualify in to the EDC top 16 but did get my EDC license on the Saturday, coming back on the Sunday for the team event was just for fun and seat time, rather than thinking about winning the event it came a real surprise when me & Danny got it together and the cars ran so well and we put a few flawless runs in and became the first ever EDC Team Champions.

What are your plans for the future?
I want to keep competing with the 370Z obviously and take it to places it hasn’t been before. I think this car has got a lot of potential and the UK drift scene hasn’t seen a car like this before. My goal is to get it on track and take as much silverware home as possible.


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