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Paul 'Smokey' Smith

Name: Paul Smith
D.O.B: 23rd January 1980
Hometown: Spalding, Lincolnshire, UK
Vehicle: Japspeed 2JZ Toyota GT86
Competes: British Drift Championship
Competing Since: 2005

Tell us a little about your car:
Its a mix of Toyota new and old. The chassis is the current model GT86 with the 2JZ engine from a 20 year old Supra. It’s got a Wisefab all round suspension kit providing a whopping 70 degrees of lock. The body is a Rocket Bunny Kit finished off with the new Japspeed Digi Camo design and looks as though it’s been on a high protein shake diet and done some hard training at the gym!

Why did you get in to drifting?
I have always had a passion for cars and motorsport. Before I could drive, both uncles (past clubman rally driver/co's) used to take to me to motorsport events - mainly the British Rally events, to spectate and then later to marshal at the events. After I got my licence I was mainly into show cars for a couple of years, and attending pretty much all of the car shows that were on. However, as soon as insurance became affordable I started with the Japanese car scene and bought a Mitsubishi Evolution 5, which was tuned to just under 400bhp. Whilst getting involved in this scene I started attending a lot of local Trackdays (Cadwell Park, Rockingham) both in my Evolution 5 and a track prepped Renault Clio 16v. Being interested in the modified JAP car scene I couldn't help but notice DRIFTING! So in 2004, I decided to give it ago in an old S13 200sx. I did one practice day at Silverstone and I was hooked.

What events have you driven in an how did you do?
Over the course of my career I have competed in several different tournaments including the European Drift Championship, Civic Cup, Irish Drift Championship and British Drift Championship which I won in 2012 as well as the King of Europe UK round 2014 where I finished 2nd overall.

What is your greatest achievement in the sport?
By far it has to be winning The British Drift Championship in 2012, I’d got a spot on the Podium at nearly every round already so I knew all I had to do was qualify which I did! After some problems with my clutch I borrowed Shane Lynch's V8 which stopped us battling each other! Shane got on the podium in that round and I finished top 8 securing the win and the Constructors’ Championship for the team!

What are your plans for the future?
Keep drifting! I really want to get Constructors Champions this year; now that we have the GT86, Shane's 370Z, Matt Carter's Skyline and Luke Woodham in the Lexus I think we really can do it.

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