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    With the marbles from the Formula 1 cars still at the edge of the circuit, it was time for our drift cars to make some TRAX!


    Regarded as one of the biggest car shows on the UK automotive calendar TRAX is a brilliant opportunity to put on a big show for the crowd tearing up the home of British Motorsport – Silverstone Circuit. This opportunity came via the British Drift Championship inviting us along with other BDC teams and drivers to put on several drift demos throughout the day.


    With 4 x 40 minute drift demos throughout the day there was plenty of time to get out on the legendary circuit and demonstrate the sport of Drifting to over 15,000 people. With 5th gear entries at speeds of over 100mph this is by far one of the fastest tracks we have ever drifted in the UK. The elevated speed generates an even more exhilarating experience for the crowd. As this was a demo we were able to partake in drift trains of up to 8 cars creating a huge smoke show; which the crowd went crazy for.


    With as much action off track as on, our pits were a thriving hub of activity throughout the day. With thousands of people showing interest in the assembled cars and teams, we had the opportunity to giveaway plenty of free merchandise. With the crowd amazed by what they had seen, they were eager to meet the drivers and find out more about the art of drifting. With driver meet and greets as well as signing sessions there was plenty of opportunity for the crowd to get up close to the cars and drivers with their questions.


    A competition was held prior to the event by one of our major sponsors, Snap-on. The prize for this competition was a personalised tour of the Team Japspeed cars as well as tickets to the event and a VIP viewing of the on-track action.


    Always a favourite event with Team Japspeed drivers we look forward to the chance to smoke up Silverstone again in 2016.



    Following the digital download release earlier this week it is with great excitement we can tell you that the August issue of Banzai magazine is in stores NOW!

    Packed full of the usual top quality JDM features and show reports we're particularly excited to see a comprehensive and frankly awesome feature on our very own supercharged V8 Nissan 370z drift car.


    Make sure you grab your copy today for the full lowdown on this ballistic drift weapon!
    Printed copies are available from most newagents and supermarkets while the digital copy can be purchased directly from Banzai here.


    When Monster Energy invited us to attend Gatebil to unveil the new supercharged V8 370z on the world stage, this was an opportunity we simply couldn’t turn down. With an epic road trip covering 1400 miles travelling through 8 countries ahead we loaded up the 370z and grabbed our passports for a truly Monster journey.


    With a 36 hour trip ahead we left Japspeed HQ in the early hours for the dash south to catch the Eurotunnel across the channel. Due to depart from Folkestone it wasn’t long before we would encounter delays with a 4 hour wait thanks to the recent Operation Stack.


    Upon disembarking the train we soon arrived on the continent before a relatively uneventful journey through France, Belgium and The Netherlands before our first break in Germany. Arriving at our rest stop; a regular service station for a Burger King we stumbled across something very out of the ordinary … a Porsche Carrera Cup Racing Team HQ!


    Arriving at Rudskogen Motorsenter at 9am on the first day of the event we were soon unloaded and setup ready for a weekend of awesome drift action on one of the World’s best circuits. Based in the Monster Energy pit areas the 370z became to attract plenty of attention from the locals.


    The Norwegians came across as a nation of people with high expectations, particularly when it comes to vehicle presentation. So to gain their admiration on the build quality and attention to detail was a compliment.


    With an overhaul of the car’s appearance since the initial unveiling at Autosport International the local people seemed to appreciate the presence of the car. In particularly it was well received that the design of the car isn’t OTT and has been kept relatively sleek, staying true to the OEM design…with subtle changes of course.


    Throughout the event the famous Rudskogen Circuit is filled with a constant stream of drift weapons in a wide range of shapes, sizes and power. High speeds and big entries are the order of the day…all day.


    With an open circuit and opportunity to drift all day, Shane couldn’t wait to get out there and join the party. After the first session, Shane came in off track, soon followed by a local driving a high powered Toyota Supra who was keen to find out more about the car as while out on track Shane came round the outside of the Supra through one of the circuit’s long sweeping corners.


    The evening activity usually started on board the Monster Energy tour bus before making our way to the Aftertrack event. In true Norwegian and Monster Energy style the entertainment on stage consisted of a range of music (Shane did not partake) as well as Bikini contests alongside strippers and pole dancing. Following the show each night took the form of ‘socialising’ with the locals as well as the other teams and athletes.


    The Saturday saw an event everyone had been waiting for…the World Powerslide Competition qualification! Everyone had the opportunity to head out on track and hit every clip as fast as possible while creating as much tyre smoke as they can. Every run would be judged with the best drivers competing in the main event the following day. Shane felt after a day of awesome runs, the decision was made not to enter the Powerslide Competition in order to preserve the car for a full day testing the next day.

    The weekend drew to a successful close midday on the Sunday. Unfortunately due to other commitments Shane had to leave early to fly back to the UK. This meant we wouldn't have a full day out on track however the 370z continued to enjoy the awe and admiration of the crowd in the Monster Energy pits.


    The event came to a conclusion on the Sunday evening. What now lay before us was the return journey back to the UK. With the 370z loaded up we set off on the 1400 mile road trip back to Japspeed HQ in Manchester.


    We enjoyed our experience at this incredible World event and we look forward to returning to Gatebil with the 370z more refined, and better than ever.



    With the 2015 drift season well and truly underway, the 11th and 12th July brought with it the third round of the British Drift Championship. As Shane Lynch was at Gatebil and with Danny Eyles unable to attend due to other commitments; Paul ‘Smokey’ Smith and Shane ‘Sully’ O’Sullivan would be leading the Team Japspeed charge for points and podiums at Teesside Autodrome.


    As with all 2015 BDC rounds open practice kicked off on the Saturday morning and with the hot dry conditions both Sully and Smokey made the most of the available seat time, inching ever closer to the required clipping points and making the conditions over Teesside ever that bit cloudier.


    With both drivers putting in run after successful run, it looked to be full smoke ahead as conditions remained clear for the pro competition the following day. Saturday afternoon saw a chance to make any final preparations, sit back and take in the sights and smells of the pro-am battles.


    Come Sunday and both Paul and Shane were eager to get back out on track for qualifying and battles. With the morning activity following much along the same lines as the previous day, Teesside would be treated to plumes of Maxxis Tyre smoke and the roar of the 1.5JZ and RB25 powered S15s as the Japspeed duo put in a series of spectacular practice runs.


    With a little luck in terms of the weather conditions a dry and grippy circuit saw the accurate and aggressive driving styles of both drivers rank highly in qualifying with Paul Smith qualifying 5th and Shane O’Sullivan right behind qualifying in 6th place.


    With both drivers high in contention we head into the top 32 battles and first up would see Paul Smith drawn against Ian Philips. Widely known for his accurate and consistent driving style combined with a strong affinity with the circuit at Teesside Paul ‘Smokey’ Smith proceeded to the top 16.


    Meanwhile Shane O’Sullivan would find himself drawn against Team MnM’s Matt Stevens. With two highly competitive drivers up against one another it would always be a spectacle to watch however on this occasion Sully’s aggressive technique would put him through to join his teammate in the top 16.


    Onto the top 16 and Smokey would bring his tried and tested 1.5JZ powered Japspeed S15 up against the newly built R35 GTR of Simon Perry. Both highly experienced drivers, each with their own history at Teesside putting in a set of incredibly close runs. It would be the consistency and familiarity with his car that saw Paul Smith take the lead and go through to the top 8.


    Similarly Sully would face equally challenging opposition in his top 16 battle against fellow Maxxis Tyres stable mate Christian Lewis in the ItsADriftLife R33. With both cars running Maxxis Tyres and both highly competitive drivers each with very different driving styles this would be an exciting battle with everything to play for. A close call for the judges saw Shane O’Sullivan through to the top 8 as well.


    With both drivers now in the top 8, things were shaping up to be an incredible weekend for Smokey and Sully as each could take a place on the podium at this point. In his top 8 battle Paul Smith faced off against Mike Marshall in the Team MnM E92 M3. With both drivers riding side by side and filling the air with tyre smoke, the judges had a tough call to make. Unfortunately this tough decision would spell the end for Paul Smith’s weekend.


    Not to be outdone and following fantastic form all weekend Sully was drawn against Mark Luney for his top 8 showdown. With both drivers ex-BDC champions the atmosphere at Teesside was intense as the two drivers took to the track. With very little between the two drivers no-one envied the judges job in deciding a winner. Unfortunately due an ever-so-slight difference in angle the judges put an end to Shane O’Sullivan’s weekend.


    All in all a spectacular weekend and some of the best performances from the 2015 Championship so far however the action doesn’t stop there as we head to Silverstone this weekend for the annual TRAX event on the 19th July!

    We’ll see you there!


    After the initial launch at Autosport International 2015 it is no secret our V8 370z has been back to the workshop for fine tuning and testing.


    With the car now ready to compete the decision was made to unveil the finished build on the world stage amongst some of the biggest names in the drifting community. That could mean only one thing……our supercharged VH45 V8 370z is heading to Gatebil 2015!


    As any drifting fan will know Gatebil is one of the largest automotive festivals which take places once a year with the 2015 event will be taking place at Rudskogen Motorpark on 10th-12th July!


    With something for everyone this really is a monster of a show packing action as far as the eye can see. From public track time on one of North Europe’s best tracks to the exhibition areas featuring around 600 cars on display and the World Powerslide Championship. That’s not the mention the Monster Energy Aftertrack live music shows when the sun goes down.


    With a build so highly anticipated as our 370z; Gatebil is the clear choice for presenting the finished product to the world! Since the initial unveiling of the car at Autosport International Show it is fair to say there have been some noticeable changes made to the appearance of the car.


    You may remember back in 2012 Team Japspeed made the long journey to Gatebil with our famous 1JZ Subaru but this will be the first time Japspeed driver Shane Lynch will have made the pilgrimage to this incredible event. Suffice to say he is super excited to smoke up some Maxxis MA-Z1 tyres; what a car to take on the trip! Heres a video from the 2014 event to give you an idea of what this show is all about.

    We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our friends at Monster Energy for the invitation and their support in bringing this car to such a phenomenal world renowned event. We can’t wait to get out there to drift and party with the Monster Energy family!


    What an incredible weekend! Combine a host of phenomenal Irish drifters with an 11yr streak of being undefeated on home soil with a determined cast of International drivers from around the world at an event which only gets bigger year on year and you have an awesome weekend of drift action ahead….here is what went down at Irish Drift Championship 2015 – Global Warfare 2!


    The weekend started early for us setting off from HQ a few days before in order to make the most of the available practice time on the Friday. Hitting the event in full force with Paul ‘Smokey’ Smith, Danny Eyles and Shane ‘Sully’ O’Sullivan being joined by Formula D drifting legend and fellow Maxxis Tyres driver Ryan Tuerck!


    With the Rookie and Semi-Pro battles taking place on Saturday 4th we had some time to kick back and take in the sights and smells of Mondello Park….who doesn't love the sight and smell of burning rubber and tyre smoke, right? This also provided Paul Smith a chance to talk shop with our International guest and gain some valuable insight which may help with his new build.


    The Saturday would also see all our drivers taking to the track for practice – an ideal opportunity for Ryan to re-acquaint himself with our IS200 since his last trip to see us in 2011. It is fair to say it didn't take him long to get to grips with the Lexus and the weather over Mondello Park to become that much cloudier.


    After a well-earned Guinness on Saturday evening the big day came and it was time for the Pro class event. All four drivers took to the track in the morning, putting in some strong qualifying runs. Sully, Danny and Ryan would all take qualifying positions in the top 10. Unfortunately a mechanical issue would bring an early end to Paul Smith’s bid for the podium.


    Sully would face fellow Irishman Paul Murphy in his top 32 battle. With both drivers going hard we would see Shane advance to the top 16!

    Meanwhile Danny would get up close and personal with the legendary Daigo Saito. Unfortunately engine issues would put an end to Danny’s weekend with Daigo advancing to the top 16.


    Ryan Tuerck would come up against Barry Leonard in his top 32 battle. With a couple of very strong runs from both drivers and a tough call for the judges Ryan Tuerck would see an end to his weekend in the form of Barry Leonard’s S15!


    Meanwhile Shane ‘Sully’ O’Sullivan would continue his charge for the podium into the top 16 against rising star Chuck ‘Chucky’ Geary who had qualified for the Pro class event the day before. With highly competitive runs from both Sully and Chucky it would the seasoned pro that carried the Team Japspeed flag forward to the top 8.


    Drawn against Tomas Keily in his top 8 showdown Sully would have it all to play for. Unfortunately on this occasion Sully would see a premature end to his weekend after a very close fought contest for both drivers.


    All in all and incredible weekend and an amazing time spent with fellow Maxxis Tyres driver Ryan Tuerck - we can’t wait to have him back over to drive with us again. We now look ahead to round 3 of the British Drift Championship taking place at Teesside Autodrome on 11th-12th July! Information and tickets are available from the BDC website here.

    We’ll see you there!


    Following last year’s success at the first Global Warfare with a great turnout, great drivers and great action; this year is set to be insane!


    Team Japspeed will be out in force with a four car team consisting of Shane ‘Sully’ O’Sullivan, Paul ‘Smokey’ Smith, Danny Eyles. With Shane Lynch unable to attend this event we thought we would invite over fellow Maxxis Tyres driver Ryan Tuerck to join our team for the weekend for some drifting antics.


    As fellow Maxxis Tyres driver, Ryan is a highly competitive driver in the Formula D Championship – most recently taking the top spot at Round 3 of the 2015 series.  Ahead of this weekend’s event Ryan sent over this quick message for everyone.

    Ryan will be competing in Round 3 of the 2015 IDC, set to be held at Mondello Park  over the weekend of the 4th and 5th July. As it would be impractical to ship over his Formula D Scion FR-S solely for the event and, due to Ryan also being a Maxxis sponsored driver, he will be piloting our 2JZ powered Lexus throughout the competition.


    Having started his drifting career back in the early 2000s Ryan has been involved in the drift scene almost from the very beginning. A highly adaptable driver, able to take the wheel of almost any car he is given. Added to his past experience behind the wheel of our Lexus in 2011 we’re excited to see if Ryan can take the top spot and break the Irish 11yr undefeated streak on home soil. Check out the film below to see what went down on Ryan’s last trip to see us.

  • Japspeed VH45 Nissan 370Z: Part 7!

    Following part 6 of our V8 370Z build which saw final preparations ahead of the 2015 Autosport International Show part 7 will bring this build right up to date including coilovers, interior, rear window ducting system and air jacks!


    With suspension performance becoming ever more important within drifting as the sport moves forward it is paramount we select what we considered to be the best suspension setup on the market. With this in mind choosing AST-Suspension became the obvious choice with their 3-way adjustable external reservoir Nissan 370z coilover kit.


    These coilovers have been entirely custom designed to suit the unique setup within the 370z. This includes custom length of damper, diameter of shocker, spring rates, valving rates, adjustability and reservoir location.


    Running a four car team in the BDC means that the seemingly long, five minute rule for wheel changes has to be distributed between all of the cars. With this in mind we decided to decrease the pitting time of the 370z as much as possible. Lifting the stock filler cap on this car reveals the air jack operation valve. This allows us to raise the rear end of the car in seconds for significantly faster wheel changes and a more streamlined operation within the pits.

    Next up – the all-important interior details with Corbeau Pro Series Race Seats a top priority! Accompanied by a set of awesome 6 point camo Luke harnesses our seats provide the ideal environment for any racing driver – giving the perfect mix between safety, control and comfort.


    A feature of this build that sets it aside from the competition in the world of drifting is the electronics within the cabin. Most notably of which is perhaps the Motec C127 datalogging dash. Designed to log several hundred parameters from the Motec M1 ECU this combination allows our engineers to not only diagnose any potential faults quickly but help work with the driver to go ever faster!


    Replacing every fuse and relay within the car is our HP Electronik Power Distribution Module so as to increase the reliability of the electronics tenfold. Where a fuse would pop and shut down the electrical system, the Powerbox maintains the electrical feed which keeps the system running and flag an error for the engineers to diagnose upon the car’s return to the pit. Similar systems can be found in high performance cars such as the Pagani Zonda as well as a range of Le Mans competition vehicles.


    Working in conjunction with the powerbox unit is the HP Electronik Membrane Switch Panel. This adds an almost factory look to the interior of our car, giving a sleek and sophisticated race feel as opposed to the more conventional flick switches.


    Injecting some technology into the instrument cluster is the JT Innovations Toucan Touch Screen Display which maps every sensor within the ECU and displays a live feed of each as a visual graph. This allows our engineers to monitor the performance of the car in minute detail. Such monitoring enables us to pinpoint and tweak small details in combination to provide significant gains run after run.


    Tying this all together is the wiring loom designed and manufactured from Raychem wiring and supplied by our friends over at HCI Systems. As any auto electrician can tell you this is no small feat considering the intricate custom detailing and technical challenges presented by such a unique car.


    Throughout the majority of this build, including our latest video you will only have seen our prototype handbrake installed. Due to the limitations in space on the centre console combined with a designed to keep the factory look as much as possible the handbrake is floor mounted in the driver’s footwell.  The angle at which the handbrake is mounted and operated at is designed to be ergonomic with the driver.


    Finishing off the interior it is important to note that the design of the handbrake is a key feature in that with the near OEM look of the interior the handbrake brings the statement making feel of the exterior to the interior of the car!


    Moving to the exterior of the car this build features a unique rear window ducting system designed to aid cooling of the rear-mounted radiator. The difficult aspect of this window was keeping the smooth, sleek look of the exterior which prevented the use of more conventional large scoops and ducting. We overcame this by designing a folded rear window oversized ducting system.


    By folding the top section of the rear window, creates a smoother airflow across the car; packing more air at any given speed through the radiator. Within drifting the car is rarely straight with the airflow directed conventionally over the car from front to rear. To combat this we have oversized the lower half of the rear window so when bolted into place this forms a sleek scoop at the base of the window.

    DSC_0044 2

    Stay tuned for the next instalment of our 370z build as we delve deeper under the bonnet and make the final push to get the car ready for smoking up some Maxxis MA-Z1 tyres!


    What an incredible weekend! 13th-14th June 2015 saw the return of the British Drift Championship for the 2nd round of the season. This time taking place at a firm favourite on the BDC calendar; Knockhill Racing Circuit….or “The Hill” as it has become known.


    Famous for that first blind bend followed by a full throttle downhill drift Knockhill is not only an adrenaline fuelled spectacle for fans but an exhilarating challenge for the drivers. A challenge made greater still with the ever changing Scottish climate.

    Arriving on the Saturday morning Shane ‘Sully’ O’Sullivan, Paul ‘Smokey’ Smith and Danny Eyles wasted no time in taking full advantage of the open practice to get into the swing of things. With the Pro competition taking place on the Sunday, a chance to practice the day before was ideal – particularly with the initially wet conditions taking their toll on a number of drivers. Unfortunately Shane Lynch would not be able to make this event due to other commitments.


    By Saturday midday practice was over, giving the team chance to take a break and make the necessary tweaks to each of the 3 cars ready for qualifying and battles on the Sunday. Saturday afternoon saw the Pro-Am class competition in prevailing damp conditions.


    After a good night’s rest Shane, Paul and Danny were completely on form in the wet conditions during Sunday morning’s practice session. However by mid-morning the sun came out and with things heating up; the track quickly dried out. This would prove a challenge in that adjustments would need to be made to the setup of each of the cars ahead of the qualifying and afternoon battles.


    For 2015 the team at the BDC have upped their game and on this occasion the track layout began to prove too much for some drivers on the grid. However with a series of successful runs Shane, Paul and Danny all secured places in the top 32!


    The battles began in the afternoon with Paul Smith taking on WKD Imports driver Wesley Keating. After some very smoky runs the judges deemed this would be the end of Smokey’s bid for the podium. Meanwhile both Danny and Shane would take victory in their top 32 battles and take their places in the top 16!


    With Danny drawn against Driftworks Jack Shanahan there would be no doubt a truly exciting battle would play out before the crowd.  After some very impressive runs from both drivers Jack took the win and would go through to the top 8. Ironically where he would be drawn to face Danny’s teammate and fellow Irishman Shane ‘Sully’ O’Sullivan!


    With no quarter given and barely daylight between the two drivers as they charged door to door down the hill the decision would be too close to call not once, not twice but three times.  After going ‘one more time’ three times the judges would put an end to Shane’s day.

    Our full gallery from the event is available over on our facebook page. We’ll be back for Round 3 of the British Drift Championship on 11th-12th July at Teesside Autodrome. Tickets and information are available at


    Our next event is the World of Kawasaki at Rockingham Circuit on 28th June where we’ll be putting on a drift demonstration. This is a free entry event and you could even bag yourself a passenger ride in one of our cars! More information is available here.


    Following more than a week of sneak peeks, teasers and hype the second round of the 2015 Irish Drift Championship landed at Green Glens Arena at the weekend. With over 100 drivers tearing up the special indoor circuit to over 2,500 seated spectators combined with a full light and sound system it is fair to say the event definitely lived up to all that anticipation.


    With fresh Maxxis Tyres at the ready Shane ‘Sully’ O’Sullivan arrived at Green Glens eager to get out on track and put the Japspeed RB25-powered S15 through its paces.


    Here at Japspeed we’re no strangers to drifting indoors – but having said that we’ve never drifted indoors competitively before. With the world’s first fully enclosed indoor competition drift event ahead of us it made sense to make the most of the available practice time. With that in mind it wasn’t long before the atmosphere in the Arena began to get smoky.


    With the Semi-Pro and Rookie class action having taken place the day before, Sunday’s event brought an immense air of expectation for the Pros to ramp things up a gear.


    With a number of successful practice runs Shane stormed through qualifying with an 88 point score, placing him 7th going into the top 16 – avoiding the sudden death battles.


    An excitingly formidable track layout featuring 8 walled clipping points meant it wouldn’t be long before we started to see some smashes and crashes. Such was the fate of fellow Japspeed sponsored driver Lluis Lopez, who following a collision with Christy Carpenter faced the end of his charge for the podium early on in the contest.


    Meanwhile charging his way through to the great 8, Sully would soon come up against IDC Round 1 champion James Deane. With highly impressive runs from both drivers slight contact from Shane gave the judges no choice but to award the win to James putting an end to Shane’s weekend.


    All in all an incredible weekend and one that will remain in the memory of every IDC fan and competitor for a long time to come we’re sure. From all at Team Japspeed we’d like to congratulate James Deane, Jack Shanahan and John Paul McCarthy on taking the podium!

    We’d also like to thank all our partners for their continued support throughout 2015 as we look ahead to Round 2 of the British Drift Championship at the infamous Knockhill Racing Circuit on 13th-14th June!

    The Irish Drift Championship returns to Mondello Park on 4th-5th July for Round 3 of the series.

    Tickets and information are available from and

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