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  • SpeedMachine Festival 2019

    Combining top level rallycross with drift demos, live music, quality food and more - the SpeedMachine Festival is not to be missed!
  • Japspeed get the Corbeau Treatment!

    There's no other way of putting it really - a good pair of bucket seats are an essential requirement any drift car. With the first round of the 2013 Maxxis British Drift Championship just a few weeks away at the time we decided the interiors in our three S15s and Scooby needed a long overdue freshen up and, after a call to UK based seat specialists Corbeau, our new seats were on the way.

    Corbeau seats are renowned for being excellent value while not compromising on safety - the most important factor in any race car.

    With four cars to kit out we opted for eight of Cobreau's carbon kevlar Pro-Series perches. With the option of custom finishes and embroidery available, we decided to try something extra special.

    While the S15s piloted by Shane Lynch and Shane O'Sullivan received Monster Energy themed seats...

    ...the Scooby and Paul Smith's S15 were treated to Maxxis themed items.

    The carbon kevlar is not only extremely strong, it's also very pretty to look at too!

    We'd like to thank Corbeau for providing us with such an awesome set of seats to kit out our cars with - they've made the world of difference compared to the relatively plain perches that we had before!

    If you want to kit out your car with a pair of Corbeau seats be sure to take a look at their website:

  • Monster Road To Gatebil 2012

    Japspeed Hit The Road In Style!

    When Team Japspeed do something, we do it in style! We were recently invited to join the Monster Energy crew on the "Road To Gatebil 2012" tour and we just couldn't turn that opportunity down! A very literal Monster European trip that takes in 8 different cities and locations in a mammoth tour, featuring demonstrations and parties with other people from the Monster family. We duly grabbed our passports and loaded up the Subaru for some European drift madness, here's just a brief taste of the international insanity! A "raw" video capturing some highlights will be online for you soon!
    It all started when we loaded up in Manchester in preparation for the trip South to the first check point and towards the tunnel over to France.

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  • Road To Gatebil 2012- Monster Energy Tour

    Team Japspeed are preparing for a truly hardcore roadtrip with Monster Energy as part of Monster's "Road To Gatebil 2012"  tour. The Teams busy schedule will take in seven different city's across Europe in just eight days! Just take a quick look at the poster! This is huge!

    Featuring on-track drift displays at Gothenburg City Race Track and the recently revamped Rudskogen circuit which will play host to the very mental Gatebil main-event. An estimated 40,000 drift addicted fans will line the track for the Gatebil weekender and get a real show from the Japspeed drivers as they go up against the local talent on track.

    We know the Team will do what they do best with some serious on-the-limit drifting and no doubt win a whole bunch of fresh fans from across Europe. If the schedule wasn't hardcore enough, they will be taking in a total of  eight parties too! Fuelled by Monster Energy to stay fresh and on form during this 2012 tour.


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