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The British Drift Championship is no stranger north of the border with the infamous Knockhill Circuit a mainstay on the calendar in previous years however for the 2016 season the series instead headed to the newly created Driftland Circuit to host the second round of this year’s Championship.


A specially designed drift layout saw the grid of over 70 drivers taking on challenging lines with massive angle and close proximity to each other…and the walls.


For this event Team Japspeed arrived in style thanks to our newest partner CMG Rescue Services who delivered our cars to the circuit in an artic transporter. With the cars rolling out the lorry, the pits were soon setup and the cars given a quick going over ahead of the practice session on the Saturday afternoon.

With the sun shining Shane Lynch, Paul ‘Smokey’ Smith and Matt ‘doorhunter’ Carter took to the Scottish circuit with the sole aim of  pushing their cars as close to the walls as possible for maximum points and maximum entertainment.


All three drivers and cars ran on top form with each of the team pushing harder and harder on each consecutive run. The last minute dyno session only days before the event had clearly ensured Shane’s 370z was well prepared for this tight and technical layout. Everything was lining up for a fantastic weekend of drifting. With practice over and the Pro event taking place the following day, the drivers could take some down time in the pits and cheer on fellow drifters in the Pro-Am class competition


An early start on the Sunday morning and the two hours of practice brought to light a few minor technical issues with each of the cars. A faulty crank sensor on the 370z gave fuel-cut issues which were soon swapped out to bring the car back on form. Meanwhile an electrical issue with ‘Smokey’s S15 unfortunately hindered his performance throughout the day. The final issue the team faced was with Matt Carter’s rear quarter which was repeatedly taking abuse from the walled section of the circuit due to Matt’s consistently aggressive and entertaining driving style; loved by the judges and crowds alike.


Heading into qualifying, all Japspeed drivers put down committed and precise performances, placing all three drivers in the top 20. With the arrival of the rain…just in time for the battles, the track conditions became extremely treacherous.

With limited time to adjust a basic wet setup was applied to each of the cars in order to help give them the edge in the coming battles.


The first set of battles saw Shane push the car as close to the judged line as possible taking it one step too far and making contact with the banking. Despite a very impressive second run the battle was unfortunately lost; seeing Shane end his weekend early.


After claiming victory in his first battle, Paul ‘Smokey’ Smith retired from the event due to the electrical issue having developed over the course of the day.


Meanwhile Matt Carter faced a series of opponents who fell victim to his aggressive battle driving style…a style which has longed earned him the name ‘doorhunter’ and took him all the way through to the final against Jack Shanahan.


With the persistent rain having only gotten worse throughout the day, the conditions on track made for a very exciting and unpredictable final battle. Both drivers performed exceptionally with equally impressive commitment, aggression, and precision. A very closely matched final called for a tough decision from the judges…a decision which ultimately handed Matt Carter 2nd place and secured Team Japspeed 1st place in the Team Constructors Championship for Round 2.


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