Best Mods for the Nissan 350z

We take you through some of the best performance mods for Nissan’s iconic sports car.

The Nissan 350z is an incredible and very accessible car for JDM enthusiasts. Whether you’re in the market for a sports car, show car, drift missile or daily driver, the 350z is a great option available at an affordable price.

You can now pick up a high-mileage 350z for £4-£5,000 although we recommend potentially spending more than that to ensure you’ve got a clean example with good history. Either way, make sure you check the bodywork and floors for rust and damage.

In stock form, the Nissan 350 is incredible giving a truly raw driving experience but with a few choice mods it can be something really special. Here’s a list of the best Nissan 350z performance mods we have available.

Aftermarket Exhaust System

Exhaust systems offer many benefits over the standard setup. By reducing restrictions, exhaust flow efficiency is improved resulting in an overall increase in torque and power.

Aftermarket systems are also generally lighter when compared to OEM exhausts, due to the use of high grade, lightweight materials. Most importantly however, an aftermarket exhaust will make your 350z sound out of this world! Bang for buck, nothing will make you smile more.

Nissan 350z Japspeed K4 Exhaust

Intake / Induction Kit

An aftermarket Air Kit is one of the first mods, alongside an exhaust system, that owners generally make due to their cost effective nature and ease of installation.

Although the stock intake is fairly strong, there is nothing quite like the sound of the induction roar provided by a high quality cone filter directing cold air straight into your engine.

Performance Radiator

While the naturally aspirated 3.5L engine in the 350z was award winning during its time of production, we would always recommend considering an upgrade to the cooling system, especially for fast street and track use.

Japspeed’s performance radiator for the Nissan 350z offers up to 30% additional cooling capacity thanks to its twin-core construction. Manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium, it is also a direct replacement for the OEM setup.

Nissan 350z Aluminium Radiator

Suspension Upgrades

The 350z was first introduced back in 2002. As a result, you’ll likely be looking to replace worn out and fatigued suspension components. When it comes to handling, it always makes sense to get the best you can.

Japspeed offer three variants of KW coilovers. Variant 1 being the entry level kit, while variant three offers full adjustment to your cars ride height, damping and rebound.

350z KW Suspension | https://www.kwsuspensions.co.uk/


Tyres are often overlooked when it comes to mods for the Nissan 350z, despite the fact they are the only contact point between your car and the road.

The tyres you go for depends on how you intend to use the car but we would always recommend getting the best you can get…believe it or not it’s important to have grip even on a Drift Car!

A sorted Nissan 350z or entry into the 370z market?

This really all depends on your personal preference. For around £10,000 you could have a seriously well equipped and tastefully modified 350z. If your budget can stretch a few more thousand you could find yourself in a more modern, albeit standard 370z, with around 325bhp.

Shop our range of performance parts for the Nissan 350z! https://www.japspeed.co.uk/vehicle/nissan/350z