Universal 330mm x 280mm x 76mm - MVT Front Mount Intercooler Core

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The Power of MVT

‘MVT’ stands for ‘Multi Vane Technology’ and significantly enhances the efficiency of an intercooler, reducing intake temperatures and boosting engine performance.

Carefully shaped vanes located inside the charge air end tank distribute gases across the entire intercooler core, achieving significantly greater cooling efficiency than a system without MVT.

Performance enhancement

Research into other intercooler designs revealed that most systems have acutely angled end tanks with very poor air flow characteristics. They also channel most of the charge air (as much as 80% of it) through as little as 20% of the intercooler core.

Many aftermarket intercoolers are much larger than stock to increase core surface area and cooling performance. However, these larger designs often require further vehicle modification for installation, and can adversely affect air flow leading to poor engine running.

Worth the wait

After identifying key weaknesses in other intercooler designs, over the course of two years engineers fine-tuned their new intercooler concept using state-of-the-art CAD software, as well as Computational Fluid Dynamics modelling analysis, and 3D printing technology.

Not content with simply creating new vanes to control air flow, engineers also developed new cast aluminium end tanks with incredible air flow characteristics. Prototype MVT Intercoolers were tested for fitment and performance until engineers were totally satisfied with their revolutionary design.




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Part NumberJS028IC
Product CategoryIntercooler / Radiator
Intercooler / Radiator - Core Length (mm)330
Intercooler / Radiator - Core Width (mm)76
Intercooler / Radiator - Core Height (mm)280
Intercooler / Radiator - Overall Length (mm)465
Intercooler / Radiator - Overall Width (mm)76
Intercooler / Radiator - Overall Height (mm)330
Intercooler / Radiator - Inlet Size (mm)63
Intercooler / Radiator - Outlet Size (mm)63
Main ColorBlack
Secondary ColorBlack
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