Toyota Soarer JZZ30 - Adjustable Suspension Rear Lower Control Arms

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Our Toyota Soarer Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms will eliminate the play commonly experienced using the standard items, while also providing adjustable track width on the lower axis. Increasing track width can increase cornering performance and grip by lowering the roll centre of the car. 

The rose joint bearings also prevent any binding that can occur with the standard lower arms, as well as high amounts of play caused by regular wear and tear.


Fully adjustable length to increase track width
Rose joint bearings
Eliminates all binding and play in comparison to OEM items
Improves rear-end steering feel

Fits Toyota Soarer JZZ30 models.


Toyota Soarer JZZ30 models.

More Information
Part Number JS057SA
Product Category Suspension Arm
Manufacturer Japspeed
Fitment Position Rear, Left, Right