Nissan 200SX S14 High Mount Intercooler Kit

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Fitting a front mount intercooler is an excellent way of safely increasing your engine's power output. This is as a result of reducing the temperature of the air entering the engine, creating a denser charge. The standard Nissan intercooler is a small unit mounted behind the passenger-side wing. Replacing the OEM intercooler with a much larger, front mounted item means that much more cooling is on offer for the hot air trying to enter the engine. The cooler the air, the more power you will have on tap.

In comparison to a regular front mount intercooler setup, inverting the intercooler core means that the necessary pipework is shortened. Shortening the intercooler pipework greatly improves throttle response and reduces turbo lag. By mounting the intercooler core higher up and further back than normal you will also reduce the risk of damaging it in a drift related incident, giving you the confidence to push harder and get closer to other cars.

Bar & plate style intercooler
3" inlet and outlet
TIG welded
Polished aluminium pipework
All necessary clamps and hoses included
1050cfm @ 0.5psi drop


Nissan 200SX S14 & S14a with SR20DET engine

Compatible with OEM viscous cooling fan and accompanying shroud. Intercooler pipework does not support dump/blow-off valves.

Please note: trimming to the underside of the slam panel and areas behind the headlights will be required (see pictures). May also fit PS13/S13/180SX ("Bent Cam" SR20 engine only) & S15 models with additional modifications (180SX/S13s will require the removal of headlight motors). Not compatible with Red Top or Black Top "Straight Cam" SR20DETs.

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Part Number JS016IC
Product Category Intercooler / Radiator
Manufacturer Japspeed