Mazda RX-8 1.3 03-12 - Aluminium Radiator

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Our direct-fit, all aluminium, lightweight performance radiators allow for much greater cooling in demanding conditions in comparison to OEM items.

A must-have item for spirited driving, this twin core radiator will keep your coolant temperature down no matter how hard you are pushing thanks to an up to 30% increase in cooling capability over the standard unit.

Large high-flow aluminium core
Up to 30% greater cooling capability over OEM
Manufactured from aerospace grade aluminium
Direct replacement for the OEM item


Mazda RX-8 1.3 2003-2013 modelsmanual models only. Will not models with air conditioning without additional modifications

More Information
Part Number JS007RA
Product Category Intercooler / Radiator
Manufacturer Japspeed
Intercooler / Radiator - Core Length (mm) 635
Intercooler / Radiator - Core Width (mm) 40
Intercooler / Radiator - Core Height (mm) 380
Intercooler / Radiator - Overall Length (mm) 650
Intercooler / Radiator - Overall Width (mm) 100
Intercooler / Radiator - Overall Height (mm) 515
Intercooler / Radiator - Inlet Size (mm) 35
Intercooler / Radiator - Outlet Size (mm) 35
Fitment Position Front
Main Color Silver
Material Alloy